Living La Vida Mini

I deleted the draft post I put here earlier.

It was inspired by a Yahoo video. But the vodpod insertion lacked player controls, making it autoplay. Autoplay = Bad.

As it turns out, the subject of that video is well-known for the topic of that video: Wee houses!

His name is Jay Shafer and he lives in a 96-foot-square house! And he has a company that builds them as well as sells plans.

Roll that around in your head, my fellow writers and artists.

Imagine being able to grab a cheap piece of land somewhere (that can do utility hookups!) and plopping down your own tiny house on it! One that you can just about build yourself!

No rent to The Man. No mortgage payments to The Man. Small utility bills, small real estate taxes (depending on state; some states do not tax homes!), small obligations.

This idea has much, much personal appeal to me.

I’ll have to do further research into this.

If anyone has personal experience or can post salient links, leave a Comment!

Here are some links right off, with videos at the clickthrough:

Tiny Homes, Big Ideas — at Oprah!

Small houses challenge our notions of need as well as minimum-size standards

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Woman happy living in 84 Square Foot Home

Her monthly heating bill is $6 bucks and electricity is free from the solar panels.

Whoaaaaa! Does she have any kind of computer? Can’t be a quad-core! And forget that frikkin wall-mounted HDTV, techmemers!

And here’s a tip as to why these things are built on a flatbed trailer instead of atop an on-ground foundation:

Seems like you don’t own a home, since she almost certainly did it for zoning purposes (ie, to avoid paying property taxes and needing licenses to construct the thing). I highly doubt she moves it any more than someone who lives in a “mobile” home.

Damn, that’s ingenious! Make the rich(er) pay for you! Love it.

Home Petite Home

The House of the Lifted Lorax

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Building the Weebee

Jay’s Tiny House Tour (a bit Peter Pan Syndrome there!)

Tumbleweed – Lusby

Yeah, this post will sound alarms everywhere now.

People will think I’m developing Kaczynski Syndrome!

No. I do like that thing called a flush toilet!!

Ummmm … these things can have that, right? Right?

Bad thought: Where’s the hot water come from?!!?

Always a catch. Never mind!

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