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I Have No Idea

August 17, 2008

I’m in trouble now!

Writer Terry Pratchett Has Alzheimer’s

August 17, 2008

Pratchett criticises drugs ruling
Author Terry Pratchett has criticised a decision to limit the drug Aricept through the NHS to people in the later stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

He told the BBC’s Panorama programme the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence’s ruling “feels like an insult” and needs a rethink.

Nice decided the drug was not cost-effective in the early stages.

Pratchett, who has sold 55 million books worldwide, has PCA, a rare early-onset form of the disease.

He was diagnosed with PCA, which affects the back of the brain and therefore vision and motor skills, in December 2007.

I didn’t know this.

Sticking my nose in, I wonder if he’s also on a cholesterol-lowering medication?

If he is, he should ditch it and see if there’s improvement.

Good luck, Terry.

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So Who Wrote This Then?

August 17, 2008

I went to The Independent (UK) website specifically to read this:

And there’s something wrong.

No byline.

Huh? What?

I went there because a specific person — a specific writer person — wrote this. And he’s not getting credit!

Yet if I pop his name into their Search field, I get the first in the series:

And it has his byline.

Christopher Fowler.

Now you would think that if you hire a specific writer for something, you’d be doing so because people who like that writer’s work would come and have a look. And therefore you would make sure the writer’s name is on his work!

Especially when that writer mentions it on his blog!

England is falling apart day by day.

Today’s Must-Read: Love A.D.D.erall

August 17, 2008

That Time of Month

And right about now I start to scare myself and others, so I stop typing. I interrupt the inner dialogs and I watch baseball, and I walk the neighborhood with my neglected retriever, past all the empty homes busy with drained human beings barely living. And I look at the fake light as it leaks under door frames, and think about the unfinished dreamers on the other side who can’t smile, can’t shine behind the shaded, shuttered windows that shall divide us always. And I wonder if I can elevate myself to their level, these faceless neighbors who want nothing more than nothing at all. I wonder if I too can find bliss in the vacuity of human frowns. Someday.

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Charles Bukowski: Outsider, Writer, Poet

August 17, 2008

Yesterday was the anniversary of the birth of legendary poet and writer Charles Bukowski.

I wanted to do a post, but was uninspired.

Hey, Publisher, thanks for today’s inspiration!

Bukowski has a reputation that precedes him and which tends to repel people. It was many, many years before I read him. But those many years of delay did me good. People who read him while young tend to get the wrong idea of him. I saw what he was right away.


The best introduction to Bukowski I can think of — short of buying and reading one of his books — is this one-hour BBC documentary.

The Ordinary Madness of Charles Bukowski

A documentary on Charles Bukowski by the BBC. I recorded it off BBC2 about 15 years or so back.

Watch the documentary. Now.

OK, Wait. W-H-AAAAA-T?!

August 17, 2008

The Platform is the Message

With a 73″ HDTV from Mitsubishi down to about $2200 bucks


Is that true?

I’ve paid no attention to any TV prices for, ummmmmm, like years.

At the Samsung Experience in NYC, they have a ginormous flatscreen plasma that looks like it came off the starship Enterprise, and I was told it couldn’t be had except by throwing six-figure sums of money at them for a custom corporate install.

And now he’s saying something that’s over six feet diagonal is $2,200?!!?

I’m surprised, but not urged to look.

That’s because every HDTV set I’ve seen has sucked to my eyes. They’ve been like looking at a flatscreen computer monitor with the pixels correspondingly enlarged. Color hasn’t been as good as CRT, either. The few exceptions to this rule have been a handful of plasma sets — and that lethal Samsung wallscreen.

TV to me has come to be … uhhhh … ahem, getting the video, then legalizing it via later DVD purchase. I can’t watch TV and freeze it to take a screensnap to plop in this blog. And I have no desire to have a glandularly-ill TV screen with teeny speakers. And I don’t want the Big Sound of a home theater system.

If I have to stare at pixels, let them be the proper size. And give me a video stream I can do something with.

Quote: Richard Laermer

August 17, 2008


A rare time when I don’t post the actual quote, because it’s the entire substance of the short piece at that link.

Run and read it.

It’s the NY Post, run by why is he still alive? Rupert Murdoch, which tends to Guantanamo past contents so much so that even a writ of habeas corpus can’t uncover them!


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