New Year: 2008. It’s Mine.


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7 Comments on “New Year: 2008. It’s Mine.”

  1. The first one to comment and the first to say f%@ you. :) Welcome back to the void.

  2. Just following instructions. “Be the first to comment” it said. I’m adding a comment to see if the instructions change to “Be the second to comment” Oh… and to say welcome back.

  3. Damn. The instructions are faulty. Or maybe we’re all getting the same ones. What a letdown. ;)

  4. Randy Green Says:

    The print is too small for me to read! And I just got new glasses. That’s all I can say because I can’t see what I am writing. Argggh.

  5. Gate Says:

    Happy 2008; glad to see you back ranting.

  6. mikecane Says:

    >>>The print is too small for me to read!

    In Firefox, hold CTRL while pressing the + (Plus) key to enlarge on-screen text. Saved my eyes many a time…

  7. david bamford Says:

    Oh hello! lets see what this year holds instore…

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