Hello, You Honest Sucker!

Criminals With Badges

The corrupt New York Police Department ensnared 300 innocents during 2007 via “Operation Lucky Bag.” Police place iPods, cell phones, wallets, and shopping bags containing items in New York subway stations. The items appear to be dropped, lost, or abandoned. Anyone who picks up one of the planted items is arrested for “subway grand larceny.”

This particular police atrocity is in conflict with New York law, which allows someone who finds property 10 days to turn it in to the police or to find the owner.

The corrupt NYPD says that the property left as bait has not been abandoned, but is the property actively left by an officer who is still in the vicinity.

There you have it. The American Police – “support your local Gestapo” – spend their time engineering false crimes and not investigating real crimes. Americans are more at risk from the police than they are from criminals.

When I went to a police station — NYPD — two years ago to report the loss of an item as a theft, the police told me my property had been “abandoned” and had no interest in helping me. In fact, the waves of contempt I felt from them were palpable. I was made to feel like an idiot, a sucker, and a crybaby.

And yet here they are applying an entirely different standard to their property.

Don’t expect my sympathy when you petition for raises.

Two years before that, I found someone’s cellphone on the subway. I pocketed it. I didn’t have a cellphone then and didn’t know how to use them (they are not like wired phones!). But I managed to find a contact on it and called it, telling that person to try to alert the phone’s owner so I could give it back. The owner called, gave me an address, and I dropped it off.

Had that happened this year, I might have been arrested when I pocketed it.

And I thought honesty was supposed to work.

Maybe I am a sucker. But I can live with that.

But NYPD: How can any of you sleep at night?

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