What I Look Forward To In 2008


Getting a new Bryant & May mystery is a drop-everything-else affair. Over the past few years, with very little fanfare, Christopher Fowler’s series on the British senior-citizen detective duo quietly has shaped itself into the most original and imaginative mystery franchise on shelves today.

— from a review of the last Bryant & May mystery, White Corridor.

Christopher Fowler has another Bryant & May mystery being set loose this year. He has threatened my well-being by saying it’s the final one. In return, I have been calling MI6 and telling them he’s a sketchy character who needs watching. The outcome, of course, will be Fowler announcing he really meant this year’s book is just the end of the First Cycle of Bryant & May. Heh-heh.

(Nifty cover artwork from the first novel’s UK edition filched from the author’s site.)

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