Who’s Flogging Their Work Online?

In my prior post about the Sony Reader, I made the point that the Internet is the largest self-publishing effort in all of human history (let me not be blithely anthrocentric and close off the possibility of those damned Pleidians or whoever). I pointed to a Teleread post about an author publishing on Amazon for Kindle suckers users.

Today, Warren Ellis mentioned someone who’s putting his new novel on the Net.

Here’s your chance to actually contribute to this blog. Post a Comment with a link to any novels, works of non-fiction (that are, or are intended to be, book-length), and video series you know of being published exclusively on the Internetwerkmachinen.

I’m excluding bands from this. I’ve got music covered on my own.

There are already a few Internet-only online video micro-series I’ll be mentioning in the future.

Some guidelines:

1) It must be free (although it can be a few chapters that tease a print or e book people must then pay for in the future, upon completion).

2) It must be published by the creator him/herself (no shilling of global conglomerate sites that dole out a few free chapters) .

2) It must have appeared, or is appearing, on the Net first.

I’m especially interested in writers who:

1) Have only appeared in e form (Internet or ebook).

2) Have decided, or were forced, to leave print publishing for e.

I’ll collect the best ones for future posts.

Now give.

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5 Comments on “Who’s Flogging Their Work Online?”

  1. ramin Says:

    Here’s one. Aaron Swartz of Reddit fame: http://www.aaronsw.com/weblog/bubblecity

  2. mikecane Says:

    I’ve approved the comment even though I disapprove of NaNoWriMo. See:


    I’m more interested in those who are actual writers, not those who are told a specific month is their chance to get it on with a keyboard.

  3. Reginald W Says:

    Cringely on PBS with his nerdTV is web first.


  4. mikecane Says:

    Cringely is well-known and has been for years. Even so, I never knew about this video, so thanks for that.

  5. Sure, I’m self-publishing on-line. I am currently publishing a very big genre fiction book via my monthly newsletter (you have to subscribe to get the book, but subscription is free, and you get another book for your efforts).

    Later, I’ll package the book up and see if I can produce a POD version, or else release the full e-book for tips.

    My very first published book was an e-book, way back in 1999, when most people weren’t even on the net, let alone knew what an e-book was.

    Depressingly, I still have a day job. Although 1KTF has given me pause for thought.



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