Everex Cloudbook: The Asus EeePC Killer?

Judy Lipsett of Gear Diary has done my filthy bidding given in to my crybaby begging acceded to my request and sent me a hot-from-CES photo of the new Everex Cloudbook:


I’ve been interested in this. Read these brief specs and you might be too:

OS: gOS V2 Rocket (oh that’ll be ripped out for XP by the 1337)

RAM: 512MB DDR2 533MHz SDRAM (1GB Max)

CPU: 1.2 GHz VIA C7-M

Screen: 7-inch 800 x 480 pixels

Storage: 30GB hard drive(!) 4200 RPM

Price: US$399.00

For a better view, I have uploaded the original 4MB photo to Flickr.

Thanks, Judy!

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18 Comments on “Everex Cloudbook: The Asus EeePC Killer?”

  1. Ev Says:

    I look forward to this notebook as well. Usually it’s considered more “1337” to put linux on systems than to take it off though…

  2. Dez Futak Says:

    It’d be nice to see some pics of the EeePC alongside it (won’t happen at CES I know!!). How much does the Everex weigh I wonder?

  3. […] to Mike Cane, we now have a glimpse of the Everex Cloudbook at the CES. The hardware information appears to be the same as expected: […]

  4. Rick Roberts Says:

    Where is the touchpad on this thing?

  5. Sesarr Says:

    Reasons why it won’t kill the EEE:

    1. Its ugly
    2. Next-gen EEE (Promised to appear @ april) will most likely have a fanless CPU ! (45nm MEROM with x64 vs 90nm)
    3. The hard drive is times SLOWER than the SSD and its a battery drainer

  6. mikecane Says:

    Rick — look above the keyboard. At the left side are two mouse buttons. On the right is a very, very small touchpad. See the Flickr enlarged photo for detail.

    Sessar — Even if #2 and #3 are true, April is a long time away (in tech terms) and that’s still a lot of storage. I don’t intend to start a war of the cheap subnotebooks here, hence the question in the post and not a declarative statement.

    To all else, I’m still waiting for more details. Judy was rushed last night and today she’s apparently already at the show. Plus, I have morning appointments to take care of. I hope to provide more later (other sites might already have!).

  7. […] Storage: 30GB hard drive(!) 4200 RPM. More details at Mike Cane 2008. […]

  8. twrock Says:

    Re: the touchpad, why not a trackpoint in the middle of the keypad like many IBM/Lenovo/Dell Latitude laptops? It’d be a much better solution.

  9. PePa Says:

    Replace the harddrive with a larger capacity one, and it’s a nice portable NAS/server..!

  10. Michael Says:

    Is it just my eyes, or is the right shift… missing?
    And why are the #, @, ” and other buttons all over the place?

  11. No1 Says:

    That stamp sized thing is supposed to be a touchpad. LOL!

    How do they expect people to use it? With a stylus?

  12. mikecane Says:

    @ twrock: Don’t worry about that. The keyboard is too wee for your bratwurst fingers to begin with.

    @ No1: If I were to get it (or the EeePC), I’d probably be lugging around a portable mouse anyway, so I’m not too concerned. The edge-and-back placement of those is meant to allow their use when holding the unit between two hands — as if it was a Sidekick or something. I guess that could happen. Just not with me.

  13. SunGod Says:

    “And why are the #, @, ” and other buttons all over the place?”

    It’s an English keyboard hence the pound sign above the 3.
    You have no idea how many Ozzys change their keyboards to English.
    I probably fix one every 2 months.

  14. ErnstRohlicek Says:

    One question: Is WLAN actually realized as an external, shipped-with-product, though still external and USB dongle?

    On the everex HP and in the users manual of the ViaBook (the reference design) from http://jkkmobile.blogspot.com/2007/09/via-nanobook-dissected.html it is stated that way. And the Cloudbook only has 2 USB ports total as stated there.

    It’s from September and for the Reference Design, … so has the Everex Cloudbook realized WLAN in the same, external fashion?

  15. mikecane Says:

    According to specs at Gear Diary, WiFi is built into the Cloudbook:


  16. mikecane Says:

    The specs are also at Everex:


    Looks built-in to me.

  17. ErnstRohlicek Says:

    OK, seems to be built-in, phew – thanks for the pointer!

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