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Johnny Poison Was Right About CES!

January 9, 2008


CES is turning out as he described.

Gizmodo isn’t fooled, either.

Still, here are some interesting pictures of an Asus EeePC with an eight-inch screen.

So far, only the Asus EeePC and Everex Cloudbook somewhat excite me.


All those MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices) everyone is showing? They’ll be about as successful and popular as that Finnish abomination (need I name it?). Or, in one word, FAIL!

For most people, accessing the Net via an iPhone is good enough.

— linkswipe via UMPC Portal

The Dark Age Before Xanadu

January 9, 2008

Don’t argue with me. Watch all of it.

This kind of thing led to those pictures below.

I Hate Nazis

January 9, 2008







Screensnaps taken from episode 20 of the unforgettable documentary series The World At War.

I first saw this bit of film on TV back in the 1970s. My blood hasn’t stopped boiling since.

Now your blood can start boiling too.

Ebooks Are Now

January 9, 2008

This embedded YouTube video is demonstrating reading and purchasing ebooks via a Windows Mobile device running eReader software. The particular unit here is an HTC Advantage (which is very expensive) and the video has a companion article.

I didn’t know wireless purchasing could be done and I was impressed enough to want to show it here too.

Two notes about this video:

1) The screen capture program used to create the video introduces some delay in tap responsiveness.

2) It doesn’t give a true idea of the actual size of his screen.

The HTC Advantage is a device that techfiend James Kendrick has been touting for quite some time (note: he hasn’t purchased it; it’s a “long-term loan,” so keep that bit in mind).

Jenneth over at Gear Diary has also written about it (I don’t know if she bought hers).

And the blog I linked to at the beginning also has a write-up about it too.

YouTube is filled with videos of the Advantage, including one by Judie Lipsett!

Oh Look. You Won’t Be Getting Any Work Done Now.

January 9, 2008

Pirates of Silicon Valley.

The unauthorized history of Apple and Microsoft. Originally shown on TNT. Sliced and diced into ten parts on YouTube. Part One embedded here.

The posting is probably unauthorized too. But it’s been up there for over a year.

So what the hey…

Sony BMG Music: DRM-Free And IQ-Free

January 9, 2008

John Scalzi at Whatever sums it up in one:

So to recap, what you’ve got here is a system that makes people leave their house in order to download music at their house, and makes them go to a store to get music that they could get at the store, somewhere else.

If, like me, you only bothered to note the headlines that trumpeted, “Sony BMG Last Major Label Now To Offer DRM-Free Music!!!” go see what’s really involved.

I wonder if this same person created the Minisode?