Ebooks Are Now

This embedded YouTube video is demonstrating reading and purchasing ebooks via a Windows Mobile device running eReader software. The particular unit here is an HTC Advantage (which is very expensive) and the video has a companion article.

I didn’t know wireless purchasing could be done and I was impressed enough to want to show it here too.

Two notes about this video:

1) The screen capture program used to create the video introduces some delay in tap responsiveness.

2) It doesn’t give a true idea of the actual size of his screen.

The HTC Advantage is a device that techfiend James Kendrick has been touting for quite some time (note: he hasn’t purchased it; it’s a “long-term loan,” so keep that bit in mind).

Jenneth over at Gear Diary has also written about it (I don’t know if she bought hers).

And the blog I linked to at the beginning also has a write-up about it too.

YouTube is filled with videos of the Advantage, including one by Judie Lipsett!

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