MacWorld 2008: All About Portability

“No, no, no,” Steve Jobs said as he looked at his marketing team. “I’m not having these … boat anchors … distracting from the point of the show! They’re ready, so announce them now. Get them out of my way!”

The dialog is imaginary. But I don’t think the point can be missed.

Apple is clearing the decks to focus on portability.

2008 will be The Year Of Apple Everywhere.

This is what I expect, some of which has already been rumored:

1) Major iPhone OS Upgrade, constituting most, if not all, of the long-rumored Death Star Upgrade

2) iPhone storage capacity bump, possibly including a CPU speed bump

3) iPhone for 3G networks

4) The iPhone SDK — with demonstrations of finished applications that can be bought now

5) A portable wirelesss keyboard

6) The slim MacBook we’ve already seen in a leaked photo

7) Movie studios sign onto The iTunes Store for both rental and purchase, giving AppleTV a new push

And that very special One More Thing…

8) The death of the Mac Mini and in its place…

9) An Apple tablet, the Mac Mini II — but it will only be as a technology demonstration, with shipping still months away. Just like the original iPhone. And that wireless keyboard I expect will work with both the iPhone and Mac Mini II (and, if you must, any Mac).

Go Out and Still Get Things Done

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3 Comments on “MacWorld 2008: All About Portability”

  1. faddah Says:

    damn you to hell, cane — don’t you ever link to anything in dutch again, or i’ll have albert the flip and moshe disappear your sorry ass to GITMO, you get me?!?!

  2. mikecane Says:

    I am honored to have one of the premiere posters at The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs stop by to threaten my existence!

    In my defense, I can say that I searched around the net for over an hour trying to come up with a link for a sexy or even rarely-seen keyboard to illustrate that post. And once I found that one, I did my best to find an English link. Sometimes I have to take what I can get.

    Please call off Moshe!

  3. JP Says:

    It’s Danish not Dutch… the .dk domain gives you the clue ;)

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