Giving A New Meaning To “Cloud” Computing

The Big Switch Is a Good Thing

While Carr spends most of the book describing the move to utility computing and comparing that transition to the earlier switch to utility-based electrical power, he makes an important social argument as well: He suggests that the switch to utility computing — also sometimes known as grid-based or cloud computing — will shrink the workforce, lead to increasing income inequality, and destroy the middle class.

But Carr’s arguments left me unconvinced that the big switch is a bad thing. Instead of considering the job market as a whole, he focuses narrowly on the publishing and broadcasting industry. And he doesn’t offer backup to the assertion that income inequality is always and obviously bad.

Emphasis added by me.

To which I replied in a post:

Obviously you travel everywhere in a car. Walk the streets. You’ll learn quickly.

I’ve seen people complain about iPod users “being in their own little world.”

At least they’re walking in the world. The ones who are really in their own little world drive everywhere.

People who don’t think it’s bad out there don’t walk around out there.

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