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You Do Not Want To Read This Post

January 12, 2008

It was September 28, 1987:



The “Q” visitor moves a hand again to create THE SAME SOUNDS and the SAME BLINDING FLASH, producing the same human image but this time unshaven and with an UGLY AUTOMATION LOOK AND IN THE UNIFORM OF A MILITARY OFFICER FROM THE MID 21st CENTURY WARS. Q’s voice sounds a bit drugged now as he eyes his new costume.


Rapid progress to where humans learned to control their military with drugs.

— dialog from the two-hour premiere episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Encounter at Farpoint by D.C. Fontana and Gene Roddenberry.

I thought that was ludicrous, unbelievable.

Today is January 12, 2007:

Pentagon, Big Pharma: Drug Troops to Numb Them to Horrors of War
The DoD is flirting with the idea of medicating soldiers to desensitize them to combat trauma — will an army of unfeeling monsters result?

I cannot imagine what aspects of selfhood will have to be excised or paralyzed so soldiers will no longer be troubled by what they, not to mention we, would otherwise consider morally repugnant. A soldier who has lost an arm can be welcomed home because he or she still shares fundamental societal values. But the soldier who sees her friend emulsified by a bomb, or who is ordered to run over children in the road rather than slow down the convoy, or who realizes too late that the woman was carrying a baby, not a bomb — if that soldier’s ability to feel terror and horror has been amputated, if he or she can no longer be appalled or haunted, something far more precious has been lost. I am afraid that the training or conditioning or drug that will be developed to protect soldiers from such injuries will leave an indifference to violence that will make them unrecognizable to themselves and to those who love them. They will be alienated and isolated, and finally unable to come home.

This is monstrous.

Video To Eat Your Weekend And Scare You

January 12, 2008

Essential BBC documentaries not shown on US TV

Century of the Self in four parts (wikipedia link)

The Power of Nightmares in three parts (wikipedia link)

I’ve been hearing about both for quite some time but haven’t yet seen them. A quick peek into the description of episode one of Century of the Self makes it must-see for anyone who doesn’t know the name Edward Bernays. He was a diabolical genius of marketing and advertising. Look around you. You’re mired in the mess he crafted.

The second documentary series generated trans-Atlantic buzz even before it aired on the BBC. Sloppiness on the Beeb’s part has provided fodder for the conspiracy fringe regarding the September 11th attacks.

And if you’re sitting there all smug thinking you don’t need to watch those, that you’re all immune to the assault upon your sovereignty, let me soften you up by freaking you out with this YouTube clip. Watch carefully and learn.

The Amazing Kreskin would probably get a kick out of that.

The Three Most Romantic Moments In All Of Film History

January 12, 2008

And I include the future, because no one makes them like this anymore — especially, and sadly, us.

His nose touches her hair

His nose touches her forehead

Their noses touch

There’s a school of thought that downgrades Capra as only being as good as his scripts. You try to do that. It wasn’t just the scripts.

Doing My Bit For Sexual Equality

January 12, 2008

Pointed out to me by Judie Lipsett of Gear Diary (who I’m told has been chloroformed and carried off by a Death Squad from N.O.W.)

Free Short Story From Max Barry

January 12, 2008

Author of Syrup, the high-cult Jennifer Government, and lately Company.

It’s called How I Met My Daughter and comes in two delicious flavors:

PDF format (attention Sony: try this with your new PDF code!), and

Whirled Wide Web HTML

Jennifer’s watching. So go read!

It’s The Amazing Kreskin’s Birthday!

January 12, 2008


Today, January 12th, is The Amazing Kreskin‘s 73rd birthday!

He’s still amazing.

The Amazing Kreskin MySpace Page.

Interster Still M.I.A.

January 12, 2008

On my old blog I put out a call for info of any sort — pictures, P2P — of a South African TV series that used marionettes like Gerry Anderson’s series, called Interster.

Someone recently emailed me to see if I’d found anything.


But I did manage to come across a picture from Liewe Heksie, a series from the same production team that used marionettes. This series is available on DVD from South Africa.


Masters Of Greed Enslaved By Greed

January 12, 2008

Citi looks to secure further $14bn in new capital

Citigroup is putting the final touches to its second big capital-raising effort in as many months, seeking up to $14bn from Chinese, Kuwaiti and public market investors.

Under the proposal being discussed, the bulk of the money – roughly $9bn – would be most likely to come from China, people familiar with the negotiations say. The Kuwait Investment Authority would contribute about $1bn, while $2bn to $4bn would be raised through a public placement of shares.

Who’s the Master of the Universe now?

Hollywood’s Worst Nightmare: Obsolescence

January 12, 2008

Striking Writers to Launch Online Video Co., Seeking $30M+

Out of work and newly wise to the state of content being distributed online, a group of professional writers is looking to start their own production and distribution company. Aaron Mendelsohn, writer of the Disney film Air Bud and an active WGA member, is captaining the efforts, and says he has gotten a group of “A-list” film and TV writers on the team. He’s also partnering with online community experts from Silicon Valley and raising “north of $30 million” in venture capital, with the idea of launching a company called Virtual Artists later this year.

It’s. About. Frikkin. Time!

Mendelsohn has his elevator pitch down cold: “We are a coalition of top film and television writers and top tech innovators who are dedicated to creating and delivering professionally made content directly to the end user, and who believe in the model of freedom and inclusiveness over the model of control that has been employed by the big media conglomerates for the past 100 years,” he told NewTeeVee this week.

Richard A. Rowland, head of Metro Pictures, exclaimed, “The inmates are taking over the asylum” when he heard that Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin, D.W. Griffith and Mary Pickford announced they were banding together to form their own studio: United Artists.

What does Mendelsohn call his venture? Virtual Artists.

And this time the inmates intend to escape from the damned asylum!

Suits: You are falling. Enjoy the drop!