Hollywood’s Worst Nightmare: Obsolescence

Striking Writers to Launch Online Video Co., Seeking $30M+

Out of work and newly wise to the state of content being distributed online, a group of professional writers is looking to start their own production and distribution company. Aaron Mendelsohn, writer of the Disney film Air Bud and an active WGA member, is captaining the efforts, and says he has gotten a group of “A-list” film and TV writers on the team. He’s also partnering with online community experts from Silicon Valley and raising “north of $30 million” in venture capital, with the idea of launching a company called Virtual Artists later this year.

It’s. About. Frikkin. Time!

Mendelsohn has his elevator pitch down cold: “We are a coalition of top film and television writers and top tech innovators who are dedicated to creating and delivering professionally made content directly to the end user, and who believe in the model of freedom and inclusiveness over the model of control that has been employed by the big media conglomerates for the past 100 years,” he told NewTeeVee this week.

Richard A. Rowland, head of Metro Pictures, exclaimed, “The inmates are taking over the asylum” when he heard that Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin, D.W. Griffith and Mary Pickford announced they were banding together to form their own studio: United Artists.

What does Mendelsohn call his venture? Virtual Artists.

And this time the inmates intend to escape from the damned asylum!

Suits: You are falling. Enjoy the drop!

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