Interster Still M.I.A.

On my old blog I put out a call for info of any sort — pictures, P2P — of a South African TV series that used marionettes like Gerry Anderson’s series, called Interster.

Someone recently emailed me to see if I’d found anything.


But I did manage to come across a picture from Liewe Heksie, a series from the same production team that used marionettes. This series is available on DVD from South Africa.


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7 Comments on “Interster Still M.I.A.”

  1. Chad Says:

    Hi! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one so intrigued by this show! I’ve been on the lookout for Interster for quite a while now … I’ve been in regular contact with the SABC over the last 2 years – they set about obtaining necessary rights etc for DVD release. I was told those were obtained, and the DVD process is underway. I spoke last at the beginning of Feb and they said it would take a couple months. Otherwise, I was told that it was available for R850- (approx. $100) plus postage from SABC Enterprises. I’m keen to see the show – I have vague memories of it from my youth :) Regards, Chad

  2. Teresa Says:

    Hi, I’ve also been looking for Interster forever!!! There is a site that advertises “Interster Wallpapers” but if you go there you dont see the pics. SIGH!! I hope some oe gets some info. if its me I’ll surely post Imediately…

  3. Lance Says:

    Just to let you know Interster Series 1 is available at Musica stores in SA. I bought the the 2 part DVDs in Cape Town yesterday. It is an SABC release.

  4. mikecane Says:

    Hey, Lance, why not send me some photos of the boxes, front and back? What was the price? And did you see this other post?

  5. Bruce Says:

    OMFG pretty much sums it up. Or even OMFGICFBI !! It must be over ten years I’ve been trying to track this thing down, and all I had to go on was a bit of the theme tune in my head. You’re a legend, whoever you are, you’ll never know how chuffed I am with this.

    Many many thanks.

  6. Capital Q Says:

    Hi all,

    Interster can be ordered here from out of South Africa. they are 2 x DVD being R100 per DVD (comes to about $12 each). I have just recieved my order.

  7. Tokkie Says:

    The first part of the first season is widely available now, even online, on DVD.

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