Video To Eat Your Weekend And Scare You

Essential BBC documentaries not shown on US TV

Century of the Self in four parts (wikipedia link)

The Power of Nightmares in three parts (wikipedia link)

I’ve been hearing about both for quite some time but haven’t yet seen them. A quick peek into the description of episode one of Century of the Self makes it must-see for anyone who doesn’t know the name Edward Bernays. He was a diabolical genius of marketing and advertising. Look around you. You’re mired in the mess he crafted.

The second documentary series generated trans-Atlantic buzz even before it aired on the BBC. Sloppiness on the Beeb’s part has provided fodder for the conspiracy fringe regarding the September 11th attacks.

And if you’re sitting there all smug thinking you don’t need to watch those, that you’re all immune to the assault upon your sovereignty, let me soften you up by freaking you out with this YouTube clip. Watch carefully and learn.

The Amazing Kreskin would probably get a kick out of that.

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2 Comments on “Video To Eat Your Weekend And Scare You”

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  2. Kreskin Fans Says:

    This is a reinforcement of the talent that Kreskin uses all the time, in my opinion! Thanks for another perspective.

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