Photos: The Fish From Hell

Photos taken August 2, 2007

Satan Staten Island has decided to add some more wildlife to the ferry terminal. No, the drugged-out homeless that use it as a flophouse during the night just isn’t enough.


Some nitwit got the unbright idea to plant two ginormous freaking aquariums in the middle of the terminal.

See just how big after the break.

That’s an adult man on his knees in there!

Now the line-of-sight to the boarding doors have been blocked. Now clear line-of-sight for authorities has been blocked.

Now a terrorist can add the fun of tsunamis to his bomb explosions!

And now someone is going to be paid ninety thousand dollars per year to look after these things.

I give it all less than a year.

And then there had better be some very strict City Council hearings.

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