The Future Of The U.S. Economy In One Picture

“U.S. Economy Screwed”

The most optimistic forecasts in a NYT gloom-and-doom round-up are for three crappy quarters, regardless of what the Fed does. Less optimistic forecasts suggest that we are, well, screwed.


Thank you, Mr. President, for destroying New Orleans, starting an unnecessary war, smearing our reputation abroad, turning our troops into Nazis at Guantanamo and homicidal civilian killers at home, and all those nice, permanent tax cuts for the rich to complement those huge budget deficits that will kill all the rest of us while the U.S. Dollar becomes the toilet paper of the global economy.

You can go on TV now to reveal that you’re an enemy agent sent to destroy America.

Mission Accomplished!

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One Comment on “The Future Of The U.S. Economy In One Picture”

  1. Dan Miller Says:

    My worry is that they don’t consider “Mission Accomplished!”

    They will declare war on Iran and then try to stay in office for the duration to promote continuity and security.

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