Cloudbook: Very Last-Minute Delay

Software ‘tweaks,’ Chinese new year delay Everex CloudBook

January 25, 2008 (Computerworld) Everex said today that its highly anticipated ultramobile CloudBook PC won’t make it into U.S. consumers’ hands for another month or so, as the Taiwanese vendor makes last-minute changes to its Linux-based software.

CloudBook was supposed to be available from Wal-Mart Inc. stores and the Web site today.

But in an e-mail, Everex’s director of marketing, Paul Kim, said that “a couple of last-minute software tweaks” prevented the CloudBook, a competitor to rival Taiwanese AsusTek Computer Inc.’s successful Eee, from reaching stores just three weeks after its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Emphasis added by me.

–via JK on the Run

Is there a lesson here? Maybe don’t use an OS sourced from a 22-year-old? I joke. Get it done right, is what I have always said.

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