One More Time: Apple And Ebooks

I came across this article on the Net: Read it and weep: why eBooks must change the record. And it had this paragraph that set off a light in my dim mind:

EBook stores will need to recreate the experience of browsing in a book shop by developing visually stunning websites where customers can appreciate cover art, browse virtual shelves and flick through 3D copies.

Hey, that’s Apple’s Coverflow!


I’m ashamed to admit it, but I will. I’ve been stuck in the world of the alphabet. This is how a library is organized on the Sony Reader:


That’s rather grim when compared to Coverflow!

Whenever I mention what I’m reading, I always make it a point to show the book’s cover too. I think a cover can say something about a book (at the very least whether the designer or artist was excited by the text). It’s also what I’m used to, having lived in the pre-e world and bending to its restrictions.

Looking at those two pictures above, Sony’s in even greater trouble than I thought, should Apple enter ebooks. Especially with something like an iPod Air!

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