The iPod Touch Question I Didn’t Have To Ask

Over at the MacRumors forum, hashing over that Oppenheimer quote, someone asks the question that’s been on my mind:

I can’t see the point of the Touch. Why not buy an iPhone? It saves having to carry a separate phone as well as an iPod.

Or am I missing something? Is there something the Touch can do that the iPhone can’t?

The answer:

Not cost $2000 over 2 years.

Simple, elegant.

Still, no microphone, Bluetooth, or camera …

The other answer:

Perhaps for the 5.5 billion consumers on the planet who cant buy an iphone as El Jobs refused to release an unlocked phone worldwide. At least the ipod touch is a satisfactory device to tide me over.

And then there was a list!

1) slimmer

2) more memory (for now… that will obviously change)

3) some people (believe it or not) don’t need or even want 24/7 phone coverage.

4) AT&T isn’t the right carrier for some.

5) some people prefer not to run down the battery on the gadget that people use to get into with you, just to play music (or other stuff)

6) by having separates you can go on the net/read a mail/document what-have-you while on the phone.

7) If chosen carefully, you get better quality overall by having dedicated equipment.

As for the lack of microphone, it turns out some EEs have hacked together a mic they’re selling for using VOIP with the iPod Touch. They have an entire blog about it — and it even has interesting and exciting YouTube videos demonstrating everything!

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