Blog Notes: What Brings People Here?

Writer Cliff J. Burns stopped in to ask about Victor Gischler’s work. I wound up going to Cliff’s blog. At one point, he mentions search terms that have led people to his blog:

10. “stupid editors at publishing house”
9. “male masturbation hobbyists”
8. “words that rhyme with forget“
7. “fantasy invisibility sex stories”
6. “man is not born a thief but circumstance”
5. “stories about wrestling action figures”
4. “pissing snap on mouth”
3. “will short child be short adult”
2. “opinions are like assholes”

–and, at numero uno, easily the most fucked up turn of phrase that people used to find my blog: “self pissing for pleasure”.


I don’t know how Cliff sorted that list. Here’s what’s leading people to this blog today, from most-used search term to least:

cloudbook delay
mike cane 2008
cane 2008
everex cloudbook wifi?
webclipme -“clipalizer goes” -“Popular W
eeepc screen -touch larger 8
eeepc merom
sony book reader compatability
last fm bit rate
eeepc cloudbook
michael cane on heath ledger
“raumpatrouille orion” music
jk rowling documentary youtube
trent reznor love life
dominic sandbrook thunderbirds
asus eee trackpoint
“iPod air”
sony reader europe why not
the greatest ipod apps
cloudbook vs. eeepc
iPhone webclip icons
asus eeepc mouse
Everex CloudBook

And this is what’s bringing people to my old and dead dead dead blog today:

iphone upgrade
iphone upgrades
hot movies
hot sex
iphone update
eee xp
samsung q1u
eee osx
iPhone upgrade
hot daily motion
loop icon
sex photo
office iphone
The good life sitcom
eee versus
google sex free
heather johnston in courtroom
big dick big balls
iphone + update
amd geode lx 900 vs 900 celeron m
officer joe bolton
iPhone update

The sex-related search terms that lead people to my dead blog are mostly due to one post I purposely created to lure people in. And it has nothing to do with sex! It’s a cheat. A carnival barker’s spiel.

Overall, I’ve been disappointed with what brings people in. Primarily it’s been tech terms. Neither my old blog nor this one are tech blogs. As much as I try, I can’t keep tech out. But I’m always conscious during the course of the day about the ratio of tech to other subjects in posts.

I’d really like to see the names of writers leading people here. That was seldom the case at the other blog. Is it that people no longer read books? Or having read a book, have no curiosity about the writer? Or maybe my blog is just so far away in search engine results for writers I mention that people are satisfied with the first page of results they get? Maybe all they really need is the Wikipedia entry?

I guess Cliff can at least take some satisfaction that most of his leads aren’t coming from tech subjects!

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