Victor Gischler: Alternate Covers

Charles Brock, the cover designer for Victor Gischler’s latest book, left a Comment at Victor’s blog. I went over to Brock’s web presence and found two alternate covers:


That one is very 1960 Italian film SFish.

This one is like out of David Lynch:


All of this just makes me want to kick the calendar in its butt so we can get to July 8th sooner!

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3 Comments on “Victor Gischler: Alternate Covers”

  1. gorjus Says:

    Man, I might like the second one better.

  2. xxnatexx Says:

    I definately love the second one, it goes with the grittyness of victors novels, my god, what a superb author, his books captivate me, and when i got done reading shot gun opera, i was saddened that there wasnt a glimpse at his most recent work.. but still kudos for him making an amazing story every time.

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