Important Things Happen Behind My Back


Swamped by Things, I’ve had to forgo my usual trawling of sites I hit daily.

So it’s only today that I finally get to uncov.

And I’m hit by this smack-in-the-face sentence that was published five days ago:

Oh, right. One more thing. This is the last Uncov. Ever. I have been getting tired of it, and this has been manifesting itself in my writing. After seeing the spectacle at the Crunchies, I think it’s finally time to quit.

And even worse: he turned off Comments! In fact, it looks like he’s even deleted all past Comments!

With uncov, I knew there was at least one website I could hit that had actual writing in it. That it also covered tech was almost beside the point. Now I’ll never again see gems such as this:

I’m Paul Boutin. I Wear Sunglasses At Night And I Can’t See Shit.

If I had ever been a drug addict, I’d be looking for a pusher right now…

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3 Comments on “Important Things Happen Behind My Back”

  1. ramin Says:

    Meh. No big loss. His shtick was mildly amusing while he made fun of idiotic Web 2.0 business plans. But then he had to go and act like a dick and tear down an individual programmer for what? Committing the sin of openly sharing information?

    Either way, it looks like he decided to cast his lot with the gossip columnists and head over the toxic edge. Shades of ‘Heathers.’ Too bad. He was a decent writer.

  2. Ted Dziuba Says:

    I didn’t delete past comments – you can see them by going to an article’s permalink. Of course, there isn’t much signal in there, but do with it what you will.

  3. mikecane Says:

    @ ramin: I’m no tech adept, so the battle over who is right is beyond me. The writing amused me.

    @ Ted: FAIL! I got this for the final entry:

    >>>Sorry, comments are closed for this article.

    You didn’t give any of us a chance to mourn!

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