A Third Low-Cost Subnotebook?

First the Asus EeePC. Then the Everex Cloudbook (well, when it arrives).

Now MSI (Micro-Star International) says it will do one too.

The Most Hated Company In the PC Industry is getting competition.

That article puts the EeePC in price perspective:

Let’s take a moment to ponder how cheap that is. This full-featured laptop costs $69 less than the 16 GB Apple iPod Touch. It’s $100 less than an Amazon Kindle e-book reader. The most expensive configuration for the ASUS Eee PC on Amazon.com is $499.

And also makes a good argument as to why we’ll probably never see a Foleo II:

Palm, Inc. hates Asustek because the company has made a fool out of them. Palm announced in May its Foleo mini-laptop. The device was slightly bigger than the ASUS Eee PC, but less capable and twice the price. The Foleo focused on connecting to the Internet through Palm’s own line of giant cell phones. While many think Palm “killed” the Foleo, they in fact only killed the idea of shipping with a Linux-based OS.

In his blog announcement, Palm’s CEO vowed to come back with a Foleo-like device that runs the same proprietary OS that powers Palm’s next-generation of cell phones. By the time Palm gets around to shipping something, the market will be saturated with millions of ASUS Eee PCs on the low end, and thousands of Apple and Dell units on the high end.

Well, I think he’s being a bit optimistic with that Dell comment. Although perhaps Dell can add features that would appeal to corporate users. Apple, of course, would be relatively safe as it creates products that allow a premium price. Besides, an iPod Air with a touchscreen would be in an entirely different category than these subnotebooks.

What I think is going to happen here — at least for a while — is some of the same excitement that used to surround PDAs. Asus opened with Flash storage, Everex raised with a 30GB hard drive, and now MSI is planning to raise both with the latest processor. Asus and Everex have also mentioned touchscreens.

Yeah, this is going to be exciting.

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