And I Rarely Grant Appeals

It’s Good to Be Judgmental

Recently I had a debate with some friends about the infestation of gold digging whores who come to South Florida (that’s where I live) looking for rich old men to support them. Many of the gold digging whores are from other countries and want to get married to stay here. My friend said that we should pity all of these girls because they all came from bad situations and just want something better for themselves and that I should be more accepting of this “alternative” way of acquiring wealth. I’m not accepting of it at all. I think it’s fucking vile that these sluts come here from wherever and prey on lonely, incredibly stupid and delusional men in order to take their cash.

I go to school with thousands of Haitian immigrants, many of whom had to come to the US on rafts, risking their lives to get here. They work four and five jobs and sleep with 15 people crowded into a studio apartment just so that they can afford to go to school to learn a trade or to get a higher paying job. That’s coming from a bad situation and wanting something better for oneself. I don’t care what situations the gold diggers came from or if they were raised in a shack in Appalachia or on the streets of Sao Paolo. It’s wrong to be a lazy whore and to have relationships with men just to get money out of them. But guess how the conversation ended?

“Jeez, you are so judgmental.”

Worse than that are the kiddies who have obviously been made into functional retards by their daily pot smoking: “Duuuuude, like … chill.”

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