Twenty-First Century Snake Oil


Former VP Admits “Enzyte Male Enhancement” Ads Are Complete Fiction

James Teegarden Jr., the former vice president of operations at Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, explained Tuesday in U.S. District Court how he and others at the company made up much of the content that appeared in Enzyte ads.

He said employees of the Forest Park company created fictitious doctors to endorse the pills, fabricated a customer satisfaction survey and made up numbers to back up claims about Enzyte’s effectiveness.

“So all this is a fiction?” Judge S. Arthur Spiegel asked about some of the claims.

“That’s correct, your honor,” Teegarden said.

Have any of you out there listened to terrestrial talk radio in the past few years? With the collapse of the FCC, radio stations began to run infomercials. Half-hour long ads disguised as programs to sucker in the kind of eejits in this quote.

One person I know was interested in some concoction and asked me to research it. There was no website so I had to call the ordering number. I first asked about a website and the person told me she was the website(!). I asked about the ingredients and was told it was a “secret formula” and “proprietary.” I asked if there were published FDA effectiveness studies. That drew some silence. Whether it was confusion or fear, I couldn’t tell. I managed to talk the person interested in this snake oil out of buying it.

But they are out there. I can only cringe imagining the stuff I’m not hearing in NYC. The stuff being pitched to the Midwest must be frightful.

Edit: Oops! That repro of the movie poster for The Flim-Flam Man had been modified and I didn’t catch it until after posting. Instead enjoy the Lydia Pinkham label.

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