Christopher Fowler: Read His Books

Teleread prompted me to post these two YouTube vids featuring the great writer Christopher Fowler talking about his superb Bryant & May mystery series and then reading an excerpt from the latest, White Corridor.

Fair warning: Both videos start out poorly because they did the title overlay incorrectly. Picks up once his name fades away.

Reminder: Fowler’s available in ebook format for virtually all file formats. Load up your Sony Reader (and even amazon Kindle) today.

If you don’t have the time to commit to his Bryant & May series, dig around to find a copy of Roofworld (sadly out of print in the US!). That’s the first book of his I read ages ago and I was hooked. That would still make one hell of a movie (or web series, are you listening Michael Eisner?)

The Bryant and May mysteries:






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2 Comments on “Christopher Fowler: Read His Books”

  1. Blimey Mike! I’d forgotten I’d recorded that! It was back before they persuaded me to go for at least two more Bryant & May novels. To be honest, I love writing them so much that I was hoping they’d ask me to do more. Thanks for the post!

  2. mikecane Says:

    I hope they’ll persuade you to do one for Bryant & May On The Loose!

    And then one for Bryant & May Together Again.

    And then one for Bryant & May Forever.

    Heh-heh. Hint-hint.

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