CloudBook Rains On Our Parade

All hyped up for February 15th?

Scratch that date off.

Now it’s February 25th!

And now they’re saying — not the physical stores? And no more touting of ZaReason.

Everex, this is Not Good.

Remember your big splash entry into Palm-Size PC?


The Everex Freestyle. I have one of those puppies. Bought it years after its intro via ebay for about $30. I was hyped to buy that when it came out as it was the only Palm-Size PC that was pocketable and used off-the-shelf batteries. It’s a good thing I waited those years and went with a Palm III instead. Because the Freestyle sucked! It redefined Suck!

I know most of it wasn’t your fault. The hardware was pretty good. The atrocious OS did you in (as it did in several other licensees for years afterward).

But some of us out here remember your fickle commitment to that device. You dropped out of that market really quick.

Now you’re having trouble getting the CloudBook out the door.

Asus had some delays with the EeePC too.

I can live with delays as long as you get it all done right. And if you’re in this market, stay in it.

I would never forgive you if you did the CloudBook and then dropped out, making me feel as if I should have gone with an Asus EeePC instead.

Give all call to those Finns and a certain company in California if you want a debriefing of my unforgiving attitude towards tech companies.

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