Reference: Digital TV Deadline

Getting Ready For the Death Of Analog TV

Networks and station owners have been complaining about the FCC’s efforts to impose new mandates since November, when the agency first suggested it wanted to require TV stations to air PSAs [Public Service Announcements] several times a day. Fox Television Stations, for instance, argued in a letter to FCC commissioners that the agency has no authority to impose mandates and “any attempt … would be unconstitutional.” Fox Television is owned by News Corp., publisher of The Wall Street Journal.

Let me get something straight first. The airwaves belong to the public. These stations are granted licenses to use that air in the public interest. And this citizenship-hopping lowbrow-pandering SOB Murdoch is whining about having to serve the public?

As for digital TV: The switch is scheduled to be thrown on February 17, 2009. Just a little over a year from now.

According to this article:

All TVs manufactured after March 1, 2007, have been required to come with a digital tuner. Consumers can buy set-top converter boxes to make old televisions play digital signals, and Congress has set aside $1.5 billion to help consumers pay for the converters. Consumers who subscribe to cable or satellite services don’t have to do anything.

Well I have several questions about this.

So all analog TVs I have — all made before March 1, 2007 — will become worthless junk after that date?

What about the ones that use cable? Will analog TVs still be good for that? (I do have digital cable — so I guess Yes?)

One of the TVs I have is a pocket TV. Does anyone know if digital versions of these have been made?

Wow, ebay is going to start filling up with analog TVs for sale!

Here’s the government website that explains the transition.

Mine is a Casio.

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