ThoughtFix Makes The iPhone-Only Case

But he just doesn’t realize it. Watch the vid first (which I have swiped from JK on the Run):

I’ve said it before: the iPhone is the UMPC most people will carry. Period.

And if it’s not an iPhone, it will be cellphone.

For those people — maybe even for some iPhone users — the “secondary device” is another human being.

Me, I’m a geek-nerd. I’d try to get some bit of information or some bit of work done on an iPhone (when I have one).

Most people? They’ll call someone else for help.

The Average Joe/Jane is not going to stop on a street corner and Google Map a location at which they’re meeting a friend. They’ll just call that friend with their cellphone!

They’d get Internet access that way too: by calling a co-worker who’s still at the office, or calling a friend, or calling a spouse or other partner to look it up for them.

The necessity for a more powerful secondary device will not happen for another 5-10 years at least. That will be when the true Net Generation enters the job market and demands All Internet All The Time.

By that time, Apple should be up to generation five or so of the iPod Air (iPod Air Ultimate?).

Just one more thing: The beginning of the ThoughtFix video? That wasn’t speeded-up. He really is like that when he makes coffee! (OK, so I joke!)

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