I Have No Title For This One

Young millionaire from East Cobb hands out cheap advice

More than 100 people — former teachers and Walton High classmates and neighbors — showed up Saturday to welcome the east Cobb author home at the Borders Book Store. He made $1 million by age 28 after moving to New York City. And he made it sound as if anyone could do it.

He even wrote a book about it: “A Million Bucks by 30: How to Overcome a Crap Job, Stingy Parents, and a Useless Degree to Become a Millionaire Before (or After) Turning 30.”

Corey began his monologue like a young Johnny Carson: “Hello. My name is Alan Corey, and I’m a millionaire.”

His big smile got the crowd laughing, and the snickering didn’t stop.

“I did it by mostly positive thinking,” he said, grinning.

But also by crashing parties, going to cocktail parties and scarfing up, and down, whatever he could.

The subhead labels him a “writer.”

My gag reflex kicked in.

He works in a windowless office in a house he bought in Brooklyn — big enough to accommodate a handful of renters. He figures he comes out $2,000 ahead a month.

“I make $2,000 a month profit just for living in my own house,” he told the crowd.

He’s no writer. He’s a writer’s mortal enemy: a landlord.

I know what a park bench is, and the landlord’s knock. There are only two things wrong with money: too much or too little.

— Charles Bukowski; The Captain is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship

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