The Best Reading You Will Do Today

Is information essential for life? No.

Why not information?

Like some others, I sense there’s a hole in all this. But it’s invisible to me. (I’ll try to keep it out my mind the rest of the day or I won’t get any damned sleep tonight!)

Don’t ignore the Comments. And be prepared to scroll both ways to keep track of who’s being addressed.

Anyway, go read now!

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2 Comments on “The Best Reading You Will Do Today”

  1. Please try to expound on that hole. If I’m wrong, I need to know it, or at least erect defences against the objections ;-)

  2. mikecane Says:

    Oh geez, no, don’t ask me to do that! I only sense it. I really don’t have the time to give it the thought it needs. When I do, I’ll come back. For now, you are safe! (You would be anyway, after blasting my questions!)

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