The MySpace Factor

‘Facebook fatigue’ kicks in as people tire of social networks

Shhh! Can you hear a hiss? That’s the sound of naughty facts deflating the social networking balloon a tad.

Whisper it, but numbers from web analytics outfit comScore have confirmed what the chatter in bars and cafes has been saying for months – people are, just, well, bored of social networks.

I have perhaps signed onto MySpace just twice in the past six weeks. This used to be a daily thing for me. But then the band Girls Don’t Cry broke up and it lost its pull on me. It quickly felt like an obligation. I don’t like obligations.

Every day would bring 30-100 Bulletins. Since I haven’t been online for weeks now, I shudder.

It’s something I’m going to have to do — probably today — because most of the people I know there I know only there.

I dropped some Friends my last sign-in. Maybe I should do another trim.

One other thing. You know that MySpace-exclusive video mini-series that got some huge Net coverage, from the guys who did thirtysomething (among others)? It debuted and ran on MySpace and I never even saw any huge promotion for its premiere on MySpace. So much for when the TV guys hop onto the Net video ride.

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