Joost: Crusade

If you haven’t yet bought Crusade on DVD (me!) or are one of those people who didn’t even know Crusade existed, here’s your chance to see some of it via Joost. Why the hell they didn’t put all of it up is beyond me. This is The Way Of The Suits.

Way Of The Suits: Look at the frikkin WB bug! Yes — on Joost!

These are the episodes to be found here:

Crusade – War Zone
An advanced starship searches for the cure to an alien virus that could kill everyone on Earth.

Crusade – The Long Road
Gideon mediates between Earth miners and the residents of a planet containing a virus-fighting mineral — and a fire-breathing dragon.

Crusade – The Well of Forever
Galen persuades Gideon to seek a mystical crossroads. An investigator probes Matheson’s mind.

Crusade – The Path of Sorrows
A mysterious sphere prompts Gideon and the others to relive traumatic moments from their past.

Crusade – Patterns of the Soul
Gideon must deport a colony of renegade humans. Dureena finds a lost tribe of her people.

I don’t know if more will ever appear. If you like those, buy the DVD set and end the suspense.

There are also episodes of V, some Babylon 5 stuff, Time Trax, The Flash, Max Headroom, and Invasion.

Yeah, I know it’s all from Suit TV. But I happened to be exploring Joost and came across this. Just like Suit TV, there isn’t a whole lot actually worth watching on Joost. Pity.

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