Superhero Movie Will Make You Laugh

Well, it made me laugh. Perhaps I’m just stupid that way…

— from I am Nerd, hear me wheeze!

The movie’s site will be here.

The Suits have apparently been doing Whac-A-Mole DMCA takedowns on this trailer like crazy. I mean, how dare anyone get excited and talk about this until They Say You Officially Can! You must obey Herr Goebbels, their Fuhrer of Last-Century Marketing!

If they pull that YouTube vid, you can see some screensnaps after the break.

Suits: Ever hear of viral marketing? Look and learn. Oh, and welcome to the Internet.

The funniest stuff is fast-moving and will not resolve clearly from a Flash video. That I managed to get anything is sort of a small miracle. This might not look funny, but the trailer is hysterical. Especially the bit with a cat.

Wedgie Time!

That’s Brent Spiner (Data!).



Behold the Dragonfly!

Uh, wardrobe malfunction!




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