Blog Notes: Today Off

I’ve got some things to take care of this weekend. Rather than run a competition between this blog taking up time and that other stuff taking up time, I’m putting the blog in a box for today at least. No new posts are planned after this one.

A few notes about the MacBook Air. After I typed that post, I went on to try some of the MultiTouch features. Pinching out and in would increase/decrease the font size in Safari. I also went into iPhoto and used that gesture to move around photos. Then I used the gesture to rotate a photo.

One thing about that Air screen: I don’t think that’s a full 24 bits of color. I’m not even sure if it’s a full 16 bits of color. I suspect it’s either 12 or 14 bits. I say this because I’m using a full 24 bits on this desktop PC and even something with a limited palette like YouTube videos look far less blocky than they do on the Air. The same thing for some of the screensnaps I’ve used to illustrate posts. It’s very ironic that Apple pioneered 24 bit color and yet is not offering it in their notebooks. What’s especially weird is that everything — except for Flash YouTube (which You Can’t Haz natively) — looks better on the iPhone!

Being able to post to this blog from the iPhone was the really big thrill for me today. I had asked a number of people if they could post directly to WordPress and no one could (or would!) tell me! In some cases, they were using WordPress the software and not, like me, WordPress the free web-based service. I can’t post from my LifeDrive. And something mismatched somewhere in the ether so that I can’t even sign in to my blog using that abominable Unnamed Finnish Device From Hell (something I used to be able to do).

Posting to this blog was something I had meant to try months and months ago but either forgot or was too impatient to wait for the WordPress sign in to complete (it takes a while on the iPhone; some of that might have to do with the Apple Store’s wireless network always being swamped!). I just know that once the “iSDK” is released, apps will start to flow that will support mobile blogging. That will mean, once I have an iPhone, I can always be “attached” to the blog (battery life willing, of course!) even if I have to use only the on-screen keyboard to do it.

OK, I’m off to take care of other things.

All of you out there in the world: Don’t do anything to interrupt me!

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