MacBook Air Mini-Fondle

So here I am at the Apple Store in Soho, typing this on the new MacBook Air.

Yes, this baby is thin. It is also as large as a conventional notebook in other dimensions. Which means it is too big for me. Although the thinness would help in one dimension, the other dimensions just make it too large for my shoulder bag.

As I’m typing on this, my left hand is resting on the palmrest and it feels just as pr0nographic as that SlashGear report made it out to be.

I really love this keyboard. Just like the other Apple notebook keyboards, the keys seem to be exactly where my fingers expect them to be. I am experiencing very few typos and have been ramping up my typing speed as I go along.

Really, I can see someone buying this thing simply because it’s seduced them into it. As my skin continues its contact with the smooth aluminum, I can feel my nerve endings being hypnotized into a purchase. It is a good thing I lack the money. Besides that, it is also sold out!

I don’t know what I can add about this machine that other people haven’t already written about.

For those who want confirmation that I’ve really done this, at the Soho store, there are four MacBook Airs on the front table, facing into the store, on the left as you enter. The other side of the table are the black and white MacBooks.

OK, I just tried something to see what happens.

I just closed the lid of the Air while this post was still open in Edit mode, before I had Saved any of it. It will be interesting to see if my connection has persisted and if I will lose anything. I will do a Select-All before attempting to Save so I won’t lose what I have typed.

Ha! The guy next to me is holding it closed under his arm as if he was carrying a folder. Now there’s a test drive for ya!

Hmmm… I might be running into the ongoing Safari problem I have online. When I switch from Visual to Code mode, I lose the fekkin blank lines! Will manually restore them then post this.

More, yeah this thing is light in the hand. It’s also nicely balanced. But I would feel those three pounds if it was in my shoulder bag.

Go fondle it for yourself. Really, you will hear its call!

I can tell you this right now, I’m really starting to rethink that CloudBook. Dammit, Jobs, stop making things that are so lust-inducing!!

They should have called it the MacBook Siren!

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