Blog Notes: Blog Stats


Now you can see what sort of traffic this blog gets.

Just click on Blog Stats on the lower right side, then the links on that page.

Why not? Isn’t this the Age of Transparency or whatever? (Scalzi published his income to his readers. If you’re expecting that, bend backwards and kiss your waste egress!)

The old blog still has a higher readership than this one. That doesn’t bother me. I see what they’re looking at and I don’t want those people here.

What bugs me about the stats is that 2% of you are labeled as “addicted.” Stop that!

The photo is from the best episode of Lucky Louie, the third one. That’s the wonderful Pamela Adlon, who was the best thing in that series. Sort of a lower-class Felicity Kendal. I was waiting for a chance to use it. This seemed the best time.

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