IDK Patch

Warren Ellis pointed to a mystery patch that Bruce Sterling posted about. Click on any of those links to see the original (I see the Flickr post has a Copyright symbol).

I’ll just use this bit for a point:


So that sent me off on a bunch of Googling.

I think that animal is a Manta-Ray. Similar logo:

Logo source

And look at this:

Photo source

So, having believed I solved that, I did a text search and came across something called the Manta Ray Battalion. But it’s JROTC, for pre-selecting Special Ops cadets.

What about those eleven stars in the logo? OK, let’s get weird a moment. There are reports of silent triangular craft spotted all across the U.S.. Curiously, this report calls it a Manta Ray.

OK, enough with the X-Files. Let’s get back to the military. Here’s a credible report of something called a Skyray.

And then there’s an articulated balloon called an Air Ray.

Anyway, that’s my contribution to banging up against the mystery.

The truth will probably all turn out to be something very mundane.

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