The Avengers: New And Classic Theme Visuals

The world went insane during the 1970s. It even affected the theme to The New Avengers, the very flawed re-birth of the classic series, The Avengers.

I can’t think of a worse combination than military drum and disco, can you? Here it is:

When CBS aired the series, they did a very cheesy animation for the title and shredded these visuals. Transatlantic insanity! That entire opening lacked the panache, sophistication, and utter cool the height of the Steed-Peel series had:

Patrick MacNee and Diana Rigg were a hell of a lot younger than I am right now, but they still looked like adults — not adolescents.

Imagine the horror: Tom Cruise as Steed and Katie Holmes as Mrs Peel!

At least Katie would smile — something Uma Thurman forgot how to do in that dreadful feature. Here’s the trailer. Pixelated to hell. But the movie itself was as badly resolved too!

Obviously the motive for the film was money.  They certainly didn’t understand the original and iconic charm of the TV series!

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