The Saint: Opening Theme Visuals

I never watched this as a kid when it was on one of the networks.

But before the plague of Rupert Murdoch, the pre-Foxed Channel 5 in NYC ran an episode of The Saint every night for several months and during those sleepless nights I’d tune in. I really looked forward to the ones in color (even though my TV was B&W) because of the killer theme.

Here’s the very James Bond-ish B&W version:

I still love the gimmick of ending the teaser by mentioning the character’s name — Simon Templar. Some of these were very clever in how they achieved it.

“Oh, I’ll be right back, Horace. I must use the sandbox.”

“Millicent, put your bladder on hold. Look who that is in the corner: Simon Templar!”

(Of course I made that up!)

Now here’s the color theme visuals:


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