IDK Is November Oscar Mike Foxtrot Bravo

Oh no, I just couldn’t leave it alone.

Did some more Googling. This time of the guy who displayed the IDK patch.

He’s done an entire book about these patches.

Here’s a picture of three of them.

Closeup of one. Oh yes, these patch designers certainly have a sense of humor. Aside from a Grey piloting, the Latin in English is Tastes Like Chicken.

Closeup of the one that birthed this post’s title. Yes, I’m certain NOYFB means that.

So, Indigo Delta Kilo probably does mean what two people have speculated: I Don’t Know.

And The Institute of Heraldry replied to my email query:

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

Mr. Cane,

The image in the photo was not designed by the Institute of Heraldry. It appears to be an organization “logo”–an unofficial design. We only maintain files of official symbols (i.e. patches, flags, badges, Distinctive Unit Insignia, awards, etc) so we are unable to identify this one.


[name redacted by me]

That closes the book on this one for me.

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