Indigo Delta Kilo Patch

Once I grab hold of something, I don’t let go. And that IDK patch is really spinning me around.

If Indigo Delta Kilo is military-speak for a Latin term, I’m stumped.

I’ve gone to two Latin dictionaries — one and two — and there’s no word listing for K!

Now, if they’re using Greek, perhaps the Kilo stands for Kairos.

But I don’t think they use Greek and Latin.

If it’s all English, could it be Information Dominationand Knowledge?

I don’t buy the “military-entertainment” description. I think military espionage or military intel is more likely.

And I think the Manta Ray has to do with something seen in the “Black” Aircaft List — the TR-3A Manta: artist rendition, alleged photo (which looks like a video stillframe).

If it corresponds to the TR-3A, could the eleven stars represent the eleven bases it operates from? I wonder if the placement of the stars is deliberate? If they were overlaid onto a map of the U.S. or the world, would they reveal anything?

That should give you some idea of how my head has been spinning. Now spin yours.

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One Comment on “Indigo Delta Kilo Patch”

  1. John Holmes Says:

    Indigo Delta Kilo – IDK – I Dont Know

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