Quotes: Benn Jordan

Pirated by iTunes, Artist Turns to BitTorrent

Here we are pleading with people to not steal music, and then we hand them dog shit when they go out of their way to buy it.


After a journey through miles and miles of bullshit in this industry, you learn one thing: If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.


So, my new album currently has 6381 downloads at the time of this interview on what.cd alone. Using that deceitful equation, my losses are over $100,000. If I wanted to, I could subtract those losses from my profit and completely get out of paying any income taxes. It makes sense from an evil, corporate, criminal-minded standpoint, right?

If that is technically legal under IRS provisions, you can bet it’s a loophole that will quickly be closed. They’ll declare such activity as being a “hobby” and not a “business.”

This is an important and impressive article for writers too.

He also has a blog in which he elaborates on several points.

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