The Presidential Candidate You Laughed At

I haven’t paid much attention to this election.

About all I know is that McCain, Romney, Kucinich, Ron Paul, Hillary, and Obama have been running. There were probably more, but I’ve already forgotten them.

You see that Ron Paul is the only one there with two names. That’s because I’ve come across his two names on the Net more times than the most obnoxious TV commercial (hmmm… HeadOn?). He’s apparently the favorite of ideological psychotics who have lots of free time (read: unemployed) to post his name all over the Net. They have done him a disservice by doing so. Rather than attracting people, they have repelled them. (Perhaps they were really all paid RNC operatives? Hey, Mission Accomplished!)

I think I am in the majority of Americans who are just waiting for this overlong campaign to whittle everyone down to The Two. And I expect those two will be the most distateful of the lot. As usual.

This is my candidate:


Although that mockup is meant as a joke, I think it symbolizes what Nader would be about: Getting work done. There wouldn’t be reports of him playing cowboy on a ranch. There wouldn’t be nauseating play-acting by him in a jet pilot’s uniform strutting across a huge banner on a warship. He wouldn’t choke on a goddammed pretzel.

Nader is a man who truly devoted his life to public service.

Show me any of the Corporate Candidates who have. Don’t try. You can’t. And it is to your shame that you would support them. They don’t even know that you exist. And the only thing they care about is your vote (and not even that, if they can successfully rig the election!).

I’ll say it again: Republican and Democrat are nothing but brand names of the same evil.

Had Nader been elected, do you think we’d be at war in Iraq? Had Nader been elected, do you think we would have the insanity of the TSA? Had Nader been elected, do you think relations between us and the Mid-East would be so volatile? Had Nader been elected, would Europe hold us in the contempt that it does?

Keep voting for the fake choices you’re being given. Just don’t cry to me about how everything in the country has been turned to shit. How your kids are on drugs and your job is in jeopardy due to globalization and how your heart medicine turned out to be fraudulent and your mortgage is crooked and your money buys less and less and how you’ve had to resort to gambling to try to pay the bills.

You aided and abetted that with your vote.

You asked for it. And you got it!

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  1. mikecane Says:

    There was a comment here. But I deleted it. Akismet flagged it as spam. It didn’t look like spam to me. But ten minutes of digging into the alleged blog it originated from revealed it to be one of those damned splogs. So I came back and deleted the comment.

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