The Ultimate Weapon Is Trust

The Human Swarm and the End of Conventional Warfare

On the global chessboard of world politics, there are the usual players like international governmental bodies, NGOs, transnational gangs and, of course, nation-states. Hamas and Hezbollah brings has created another category, the “Total Social Movement Organizations”. “TSMO” is a wordy phrase, but an apt description.

Hamas and Hezbollah function as a network of charities, religious movement, social movement, political movement and military force. Only such an organization can easily enlist the people as human shields at the face of death. I doubt Hamas was using much if any coercisve force to encourage the Human Shields – faith in Hamas and what it represented was enough.

An organization that combines the full spectrum of human activities – from religious to social justice to military force – will be a resilient force compared to the secular (Post?) Nation-State system that exists in the Wetern countries. They will not replace Western style Nation-States, but will be adapt challengers in the world stage.

This is exactly how we have failed. We have thrown aside the people for global corporate interests. Now the people are fighting back — with leaders they trust.

Paradoxically — although deservedly — this happens at the same time we don’t trust our leaders.

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