Vortex-Based Math?

Being contrary to the majority (as usual), the first vids I decided to look at on Revver were under the Science category.

I came across a series of forty-four(!) videos about something its presenter — Marko Rodin — calls Vortex-Based Mathematics.



All the physics majors are probably laughing at that.

I have to admit I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. I do not believe that we are anywhere near the actual pinnacle of discovery and technology. I think most of everything we have around us today is going to be scrapped. Something big and new is going to occur that will revolutionize absolutely everything.

So when someone like this comes along touting something along those lines, I’ll at least stop and listen for a while to see if it makes sense or if the person is simply fleecing eejits.

Update: I’ve watched the first five videos. They’re not well-done. It’s all more of an informal chat than a scientific presentation. But what’s worse is his website. He’s trying to raise money and the allocation of funds reeks of fleecing eejits to me. It’s better that I simply quote it:

The first phase of the Rodin Solution Project encompasses:

1) Capitalizing Rodin Aerodynamics Film Studio, LLP to develop a feature length dramatic film, as and to produce a documentary film with an accompanying book, an animated multi-media curriculum, and a video game. $6 million

2) Assembling teams of researchers, scientists and engineers to collaborate with Rodin to research and test evolutionary and revolutionary applications of the Rodin Solution and to facilitate Rodin’s personal research in areas such as genetics, vertical-lift vehicles and flux-generator coils; $3 million

3) Establishing a state of the art digital teleconferencing and teaching facility to convene teleconference seminars and teach symposiums to train researchers, scientists, engineers, etc., providing them with new mathematical tools to make discoveries and breakthroughs in their own work; $3 million

The second phase of the Rodin Solution Project encompasses:

1) Producing a dramatic feature-length film; $30 million

2) Producing functioning prototypes and bringing them to market; $9 million

That’s just ridiculous. Even if he actually has something, anyone looking at that is bound to be put off.

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7 Comments on “Vortex-Based Math?”

  1. Syn Says:

    People said the same about Nikola Tesla…

    Do you even know this technology is being used by the military already?

    For your info:

    “This math truly explains everything that ever was, is, and ever will be in the universe, perfectly, with no omissions. As Russell Blake, senior researcher from Microsoft, has said of Marko’s work, “This fantastic coherence has existed since the beginning of time but has yet to be harnessed by mankind and the potential is truly mind-boggling.” Thus, we invite you to charge forward with all your mind, heart and soul into the enchanting realm we like to call The Rodin Experience”

  2. mikecane Says:

    Please don’t besmirch Tesla in this manner.

    And if it’s advocated by Microsoft, then it HAS to be FAIL.

    • Rollroll Says:

      if you have any idea how the Vortex Math work you would think twice,you obviously have no idea what are you talking against.How will you explane the electromagnetic coils (rodin coil, or ABHA coil) made with the help of the vortex math.,and their amazing and unusiual effects?

  3. InterwebsTraveller Says:

    I’m with mikecane on this one: please don’t sully or lessen Tesla’s many famous contributions to science by invoking his name to lend credence to one person’s unscientifically-obtained theory. That’s called an association fallacy.

    Also- I’m fairly certain this guy is just trying to fleece the “eejits” as mike put it. If the eejits are stupid enough to buy in (even I don’t think they’re that stupid).

  4. Nikola Says:

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  5. Kayron Says:

    I agree with this article. The basis and reality of it are extremely unphysical. I can accept that one or two scientists in the past who have had seemingly weird theories have turned out to be right, sometimes entirely. However, that doesn’t mean that therefore every scientist in this situation will be, especially if there are other pretenses for the work, such as those mentioned in this article (“donations”). As a physicist, I require a lot more than the word of this hairy man and comments by people who have no evidence that “his technology” or “his work” is being used by the military. You can’t tell me that because if you really could, you’d have breached the secrecy by telling me so. And for an application of a torus device, one must look no further than the Tokamak being used for magnetic confinement of plasmas for nuclear fusion experimental reactors. Oh and the device name, Tokamak, is Russian..

  6. Exotic Electron Says:

    It is disappointing that this web page comes up on a search for ‘vortex math’ when the author addresses no facts. Sure, Marko is flaky and needs to wrassle that body hair into a tolerable state and has no presentation skills and lots of other faults, but the correlation to number groups/families to the torus vortex is worthy of further study.

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