Martyn Waites Sounds Good

Local writer examines the darker side of modern life

THEY say the first page of any novel will draw you in, or leave you cold. But the new thriller by North East crime writer Marytn Waites does both.

His previous seven books have dealt with the bitter miners’ strike, serial killers and children turned murderers.

Now race wars are examined in tragic detail in White Riot.

If you flinch when the blood spills and the knives fly in his novels, Waites considers it a success.

He’s fiercely against violence for its own sake, but he believes the issues he raises in his fictional books are happening somewhere for real.

“I write about the things that shock me and things I don’t understand,” says Waites. “This is an examination of extremism and how people reach those extremes.

“People aren’t born terrorists, they are made. But how are they made?”

NYPL has only three of his books. Even though Amazon shows all are available in print in the U.S.

Neither Sony Connect nor Kindle Store have his work in ebook editions. Hey you publishers: Wake up!

Look at this. YouTube has a trailer:

I’m not sure how I feel about trailers like that. I’ve seen many book ads on Veoh. They usually avoid using actors for characters in the book. I like that approach because readers can use their imaginations.


Martyn Waites website

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One Comment on “Martyn Waites Sounds Good”

  1. I finally just discovered Waites this past week, picked up the book because the title caught my eye at the library and I loved the book. Went back and grabbed two other Joe Donovan thrillers from his list.

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