Some Apple Mysteries: Keyboard, Order Trims


I came across this review today. Then Judie Lipsett of Gear Diary lorded over my approaching Alzheimer’s(!?) by telling me this keyboard actually came out last year. Page two of that review shows a picture of it with an iPhone!

I have absolutely no idea how I managed to miss that.

I did an old blog post in late September mentioning a portable Bluetooth keyboard would have to be released. And it was — in August!

I flabbergast myself with that miss!

I still believe that the release of the “iSDK” will bring with it the ability to pair an iPhone with a portable Bluetooth keyboard. Knowing Apple, that probably isn’t the keyboard. But I hope that it will be able to pair with the iPhone — because the people who already have that keyboard will immediately get on the Net to report about how well it works and what the experience is like.

Additionally, there are reports that Apple has cut its manufacturing orders for some products. Some people have interpreted this as plummeting sales. Others think Apple has some inside track on the economy imminently tanking.

I think Apple is taking steps to protect itself from the self-cannibalizing of sales that will occur from a new product.

I think February will bring not only the “iSDK” but the iPod Air too.

Whatever revenue Apple expects to lose from decreased iPhone and iPod Touch sales will be overcome by huge sales of an iPod Air — and a new portable Bluetooth keyboard.

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11 Comments on “Some Apple Mysteries: Keyboard, Order Trims”

  1. Lucas Arruda Says:

    Apple new keyboards were launched together with the new thin iMac for what I remember.

  2. mikecane Says:

    So I’ve been told. What is frustrating is that there is no official press release about it by Apple. And at the time of the intro, I don’t recall them being mentioned. Well, at least not prominently enough to penetrate my skull.

  3. Lefty Says:

    Pfft. Keyboard, hell. When will they make it pair with a set of A2DP headphones, that’s what I’d like to know.

  4. Lefty Says:

    As far as the “iPod Air” theory goes, you’re claiming that Apple’s drastically cutting its supply shipments in this coming quarter in order to avoid the inevitable cannibalization of iPhone and iPod Touch sales by this supposed magical device.

    Now, in order to “cannibalize” iPhone sales, the thing would have to be a phone, yes? In order to “cannibalize” iPod Touch sales, it’d have to be at a comparable price point, which limits the size of the screen to, oh, the size of an iPod Touch, unless they’re planning on selling ’em at a loss, anyway.

    So, if they’re not ordering a lot of parts to build either phones with, or devices with big flash-based “hard disks”, or screens small enough that they can sell it at the price point they’re presumably worried about “cannibalizing”, what exactly are they going to be building these devices out of…? Gossamer?

    “iPod Air”, indeed!

    You’re wrong here, Mike, just because your theory defies every known rule of economics and physics.

  5. mikecane Says:

    Now you *will* come back if I am correct, bow down at my feet, and let my foot squish your neck until your breath utterly and forever ceases?

    That’s the bargain you have to make here to oppose me.

    It’s in the fine print.

  6. Lefty Says:

    Sorry, I don’t recall signing or even “clicking through” any such agreement. Anyway, let me know when you’re proven correct, and we can discuss it. (I note that there isn’t a response to my observations there….)

    Does the phrase “indentured servitude” mean anything to you…? How about “unconscionable contract”…? No? Great, sign here!

    —Danny de Vito as “Amos Calloway” in Big Fish

  7. mikecane Says:

    We’ll see, so why must I go point-by-point? This is a short month and we’ll all know by March.

    Hmmmm… I haven’t seen Big Fish.

    Who said you had to KNOW of such an agreement? This is post-9/11 America. Just because you don’t *think* you’re a terrorist doesn’t mean the *government* can’t think you are! Welcome to the future!

  8. Lefty Says:

    As soon as you get to be “the government”, you might have a point. As it is, you’re going to have to try to take me on your own.

    This worked out badly for the last guy who tried it, I warn you. I remember saying to him at one point, “Get the fuck back up, I’m not nearly done knocking your punk ass down!”

    I think he found it educational.

    …why must I go point-by-point?

    Because what you’re saying makes zero sense…? As you say, we’ll see, but let’s be clear on what we’re talking about: a tablet iMac (meaning it runs OS X…?) with functionality and at a price point which will “cannibalize” the iPhone and the iPod Touch, yes?

  9. mikecane Says:

    No, I don’t have to go point by point. What is this desperation you’re exuding? You can’t wait til March?

  10. Lefty Says:

    Desperation? You’re the one peddling the wacky conspiracy theories to try to gloss over the apparent fact that the iPhone ain’t gonna sell no 10 million units in its first year, like Chairman Steve promised. I’m just pointing out the eighty or so reasons that they don’t hold water.

    Fact is, there are a whole big bunch of iPhones sitting in inventory, on AT&T’s shelves, and elsewhere. Sales have slowed considerably, and they aren’t picking up again, even with price cuts and memory expansions. It looks very much like those first weeks (mostly media-fanned: very few people who stood in lines waiting for days to ensure that they’d get an iPhone actually needed to, they were never in particularly short supply) pretty much saturated the market for nice-looking phones that do very little at an extremely high price point. There’s a surprise.

    I understand that this sad fact runs afoul of your fantasies about Apple–and I understand fan-boi fantasies about Apple real well, I worked there for some time, both pre- and post-Steve’s return–but I can’t help that. Sorry For The Inconvenience.

    But don’t let me inject any more reality into your bubble than you can tolerate. Enjoy your Kool-Aid!

  11. mikecane Says:

    If anyone is looking wacky here, it’s you. Comparing your frenzied posts to my calm responses (what a switch, eh?) says it all.

    Hey, there’s less than two weeks to go. Why not just shut up and see?

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