Some CloudBook News: Too Big Screens

Future CloudBooks to Have Touch, SSD, 22-inch Screens?

Many comparisons have been made between the CloudBook and Eee PC. How do you feel your system stacks up and do you feel as though it will enjoy similar success or perhaps even more success? Why?

I think we anticipate at least equal success. At least for the fact that we out-spec their product. We have 30GB; they don’t. We have digital video out; they don’t. We built in a high quality webcam; they didn’t. We have a [4-in-1] media card reader; they don’t. Keyboard and screen size are the same, but we do out-spec them at the current price point. We did consider going with a solid state device, but people said at this point in time they preferred more internal storage. They realized they wouldn’t need as much battery life and durability but at this point most people would rather the storage. It doesn’t mean a year from now when the flash prices come down, we won’t switch over to a bigger SSD.

I didn’t know the webcam was better. I didn’t compare the specs. The 30GB storage grabbed my attention.

And the price!

This is very exciting:

On a standard four-cell lithium ion battery, we are getting 5 hours of battery life when it’s running Wi-Fi.

I hope that’s true!

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